Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?
November 03, 2017
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As dentists, we are frequently asked when the best time is to remove impacted wisdom teeth. Since all impacted third molars (wisdom teeth) are potentially pathologic, prudent care requires removal, repositioning or long term monitoring.

Pathologies produced by wisdom teeth are numerous and include inflammation, infection, dissolving of bone, cavities, cystic lesions and tumors. These conditions usually increase with age. If the wisdom tooth partially erupts through the gum, this can create an opening where bacteria may enter and cause infection. The tooth may also continue growing while impacted and cause damage to adjacent teeth.

Our dentist knows from experience that patients do best with treatment and their recovery when impacted teeth are removed prior to their clinical exposure into the mouth and after they have developed around two thirds of their root structure. As with any surgical procedure, post-surgical complications may occur. Fortunately, the complication rate is low when such procedures can be done at an early age. Not everybody needs their wisdom teeth out, but it’s most often necessary and as your age increases the potential for pathology and post-surgical complications increases.


When having wisdom teeth removed in our office we would like you to have something to eat 4 to 5 hours before appointment (light meal) and nothing else until after appointment time.To aid in a quicker and more comfortable recovery, we recommend that you take 400mg of Advil (or other form of Ibuprofen) three times a day beginning two days before your appointment.

We would like someone who can drive to come with you to this appointment. You will not be put to sleep in our office. We do have Nitrous Oxide (if desired) and we will be using local anesthetic.

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