Don’t Let Your Insurance Benefits Go Unused!

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Now is a great time to use up any remaining dental benefits. Most insurance policies renew in January — which means this is an ideal time to take advantage of what is left. Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Kent Wildern can look at treatment needed and how much insurance is left and come up with a plan to maximize your benefits.

Recently we have been seeing quite a few patients with previously diagnosed decay from six months to ten years ago. The work wasn’t completed which resulted in further complications, much greater expense and loss of un-used insurance money. What could’ve been treated with just a filling may result in a root canal, crown or even loss of the tooth.

Experienced dentists always like to do the least involved procedure at the lowest possible expense. Delayed treatment most often does just the opposite, which causes other needed work to be delayed. It is a vicious cycle which once started is hard to stop.

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