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Grand Rapids Implant Restorations

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Modern, safe and effective dental implants are changing people’s lives — helping them to rediscover the comfort and confidence to speak, eat, laugh and have fun again.

Dental implant restoration refers to a root-sized and shaped titanium metal screw or cylinder that replaces a tooth root. While the size and shape of restoration implants may vary, they are all useful for replacing missing teeth. The teeth can be replaced individually with a restoration implant and a crown, or in groups such as fixed bridges.

Previously, your choices for replacing missing teeth were limited to dental bridges, partials, and dentures. While these work fine in the short term, their biggest flaw is that they can’t prevent the bone damage that occurs when teeth are missing. The success of today's restoration implants has made them a predictable and valuable treatment option for many patients of Grand Rapids dentist, Dr. Kent Wildern.

When the bone has successfully grown around the dental restoration implant following oral surgery, Dr. Wildern will add an artificial tooth, or dental restoration, to the post. Dr. Wildern will begin by making an incision in the gum to expose the implant post, and then twisting the small metal connector that holds the dental restoration into place. Depending on the patient's needs, Dr. Wildern may suggest a specific type of dental implant for your procedure.

To learn more about our Grand Rapids dentist, Kent Wildern DDS, any of our Grand Rapids implant restoration services or to make an appointment, please contact our office or call us directly at 616.364.8716.

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